Building another kayak

This time, it’s an East Greenland design. Long, low, narrow. Good for calm waters, easy cruising and weight shift turning. Just what you need, right? It’s about 48cm wide, […]

stockholm town hall lucia paddling


For those of you not from Scandinavia, here are the lightbearer festivities from a kayaker’s point of view, just outside the Stockholm’s Stadshus during the Nobel Prize Week (Stockholm […]

Cargo pants

Recently I bought two pairs of hiking/outdoors pants and was surprised at how quickly one pair wore down. It took me a few days in the workshop to make […]

Laminated paddle

This time it’s a laminated aspen and fir paddle. I know aspen wood can be brittle but it’s knot free, doesn’t take on much moisture and easy to work […]

greenland kayaks

West Greenland kayaks

Both kayaks here are based on a West Greenland Kayak from the early 1900, situated in the Canadian Museum of history. Plans courtesy of Brian Schulz at Capefalcon kayaks. […]

bib bag


Packed with acronyms here… So, you drink some Bag In Box wine. Or in my case, my neighbours do and leave me a little for cooking 🙂 You recycle […]

Storm paddle again

Still haven’t come across clear and straight grained Cedar that I can make a normal Greenland paddle out of, so I am making another storm paddle. Started out on […]