Kayak speed build

Let’s see. We have a temporary workshop, tools and lots of scrap wood. Why not build another kayak? The featured image is from the 22nd of September. I’m writing […]

Spray skirts and covers

Too many kayaks and logistic problems… I needed som hatch covers and spray skirts, so I made some. Ahh, automatic, not very smart phone functions… so here’s the result.

Sign of the times

Always a nice feeling when you spot the first signs of the Spring. Just putting this image here for future reference. It was taken March 28 or 2022-03-28.

Paulownia for kayak building

(/pɔːˈloʊniə/ paw-LOH-nee-ə) Paulowniaceae, the order Lamiales. This is from Wikipedia. All we know is that it’s light and might be nice for building a kayak. Not easy to get hold of in […]

Lowering the Isserfik

I was not happy with my last build’s rear coaming height and felt I needed to do something about it. After careful consideration (not!) I just cut the rear […]