First trip

The ones who had finished their kayaks come October had already test paddled them, except for J who finished coating the skin and adding a few minimalistic lines the night before(!). Who’s in a hurry anyway 🙂 Hers is the white kayak in the picture.

We participated in the “Havskajakens Dag” (Sea kayak day) trip around Stockholm. This year it had about 130 participants and I heard it’s a record. Unfortunately I am more for enjoying the day than photoing and filming. Here is one of the clips on Youtube, filmed by the coordinator for the event, Bengt Larsson, without whom it probably wouldn’t be as popular.

Some of us snuck into the streaming waters of Stockholms Ström during the trip. By the end we did a little impromptu rolling display at Tantolunden which people seemed to enjoy. I found out you can roll with a bottle too.

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