Coating the skin

So come Gooping Day we gathered early and slowly worked up a sticky mess everywhere in the workshop 🙂 Even when using disposable gloves, you take them off, forget them or just try to fix something quick without them. Being several people, one who works with the non’sticky things helps. To have one who mixes the Polyurethane and one who rolls it on helps as well. To mix your pigment in your PU and try it on a piece of cloth the day before, helps as well. Using high quality rollers seems to help for a nice, even finish.

Every PU is slightly different to work with. They all have different pot life, viscosity, drying time, toxicity, blending ratios, hardness and what not. Beware of your PU making bubbles on your kayak! If you see them forming, even them out with a wide spatula. I for one totally didn’t care about that before but after seing Niall’s nice, bubble free job on his kayak, I think we should totally recommend it.

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