What tools do I need for kayak building?

Being minimalistic but modern, you would only need a hand saw, knife, drill and a screw driver. Although a knife, small hatchet and a hand drill would also suffice. For bending wood you would need a fire. You don’t really need a steaming device, just the heat. It is pretty convenient to attach a pipe to your teapot and build a steambox though. It also makes for a more consistent result without so much guesswork. A hand held electric saw for ripping wood will come in handy. A cheap one will do the job.

For easier and possibly more accurate building if you’re not a craftsperson, you would also need:

  • band saw
  • table saw
  • electric planer (elhyvel)
  • plunge router (överhandsfräs)
  • electric drill/screwdriver
  • shallow angle hand planer (the smaller one hand version)