Lashing the ends together

  1. Make one hole at each end of the Gunwhale. First you make very opposite 2-3mm holes with a drill. It might help to fasten the drillbit a little furter out than normal. If you’re unsecure about drilling straight through, release the gunwhales and drill through both at the same time. The holes will be a little skewed but at least in the right place. If you should make the holes unevenly spaced left to right, your lashing will try to pull the kayak asymmetrical.
  2. Lashing with artificial sinew. This way of lashing is used throughout the arctic and works well for lashing with (artificial) sinew. You don’t need to pull very hard, but also not loose. It’ll be tight enough once you make the final overhand knots in the middle. If you pull too hard, the string will bite through your gunwhale holes and the ends will point outwards.

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