Lowering the Isserfik

I was not happy with my last build’s rear coaming height and felt I needed to do something about it. After careful consideration (not!) I just cut the rear cockpit deck beam. You actually start out with a perfectly functioning kayak and cut an important structural beam. Scary but worth it!

Our modern Greenland style kayaks are made from nylon coated with polyurethane, which are among the strongest plastics there are. If you’re worried about sitting on your “skin”, don’t be. It can take your weight and then some. The Isserfik on the other hand, probably needs to be there so don’t just remove it.

So, why would you want to do this? Well, to get a more comfortable position laying on the back deck. The other option is having a higher seat and/or a higher thigh/knee contact point to be able to lift your butt. I made this kayak fit me so well, lifting my butt when rolling wasn’t an option. Hence chop chop away!

In fact, it turned out so well I did the amputation to my West Greenland kayak as well. This time a little less scary.

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