Rolling clips from last Saturday

Suddenly I had this idea of not giving a fuck if I am on camera or not. Also on my own site I own the content. If personal opinions or foul language are not your thing, move on! Nothing here for you to see.

Here’s a typical example of what you don’t think you do and wonder how you could think you didn’t do it when you saw yourself do it 🙂 Haha, never mind, watch the video of me starting my F2F rolls with my hand and Norsaq usually way too low.

Here is some chest sculling, well actually prying, not sculling, just goofing around to get more comfortable with it. Again, paddle too low and lots of force needed.

My back to front Norsaq roll. Two attempts with minor changes making the difference. The better one I didn’t really use better technique, just more force. Here is one where I’m trying to “load” the legs, Mancke style, and although it looks better in the clip, I am not quite convinced, yet. The last clip of me are two F2F rolls, the left arm and technique still too weak.

I didn’t get any F2F of me filmed from the side last Saturday but here’s Eric doing the same. Here is Greg’s B2F Norsaq, and here another angle of the same I think 🙂

We all usually start with the arm and norsaq too deep and sweep too little so the arm goes straight down. Not arching the back enough from start seems to be the cause. Also not using the shoulders to “sweep” with. Our torsos should move forward during the sweep and when we’re at the end of the sweep, the torso should be maxed forward. The prying all the way to under the kayak should ideally start as late as possible with the head still in the water. Most of the force for us currently is used to just turn the kayak 90 degrees…which will dump you into the drink again.

Now, we all know this. When you’re under water it just gets hard to grasp. Filming it makes the errors easier to see.

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