Storm paddle again

Still haven’t come across clear and straight grained Cedar that I can make a normal Greenland paddle out of, so I am making another storm paddle. Started out on the bandsaw to do a rough cut, but quickly switched to the power planer to taper the blades. After that I went therapeutic by hand planer because Cedar smells nice and you can play with handfuls of shavings 🙂

A block plane is an elaborate way to make a two by four plank 390g lighter in a 90 minute’s workout. The Cedar has runout grain at the loom, just about where it shouldn’t. I don’t expect this paddle to last, less I glass it and kill the natural beauty. We’ll see.

I had some inspiration at my lunch hour today and carved away for a while. Later at night the paddle lost some more wood and weight and I’m ready to try it out tomorrow. There will be some more sanding to do, I am sure about that.

That’s it for this afternoon. To be continued…

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