Spray skirts and covers

Too many kayaks and logistic problems… I needed som hatch covers and spray skirts, so I made some. Ahh, automatic, not very smart phone functions… so here’s the result.

Cargo pants

Recently I bought two pairs of hiking/outdoors pants and was surprised at how quickly one pair wore down. It took me a few days in the workshop to make […]

Laminated paddle

This time it’s a laminated aspen and fir paddle. I know aspen wood can be brittle but it’s knot free, doesn’t take on much moisture and easy to work […]

bib bag


Packed with acronyms here… So, you drink some Bag In Box wine. Or in my case, my neighbours do and leave me a little for cooking 🙂 You recycle […]

Storm paddle again

Still haven’t come across clear and straight grained Cedar that I can make a normal Greenland paddle out of, so I am making another storm paddle. Started out on […]

All you need is a Norsaq

Ever wondered what that wooden thingy is on top of a rolling nerd’s kayak? It’s a throwing stick used since the stone age to throw sticks, like harpoons, further. […]