You need a stylish deck bag, I know I do

Well, you may not need it actually, but if you’re not travelling light enough for a Greenland kayak, this is the reserve storage to save your day…or week. It might not earn you social points at the local disco but sits well together with your Greenland kayak.

I make these bags out of cotton which swells when exposed to water. On top of that I impregnate them with a microcrystallene wax and oil which gives them a sturdy feel, durability and makes them watertight-ish. The water might eventually penetrate as moisture, like with membrane hi-tech materials, but you don’t soak the gear inside. This is perfect for storing light stuff and your lunch.

I have it as an item in this site’s webshop, but you can easily sew it together yourself if you have the time and materials. Give me a shoutout in the comments if you want more info or explain why this might be a bad idea!

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