Kayak speed build

Let’s see. We have a temporary workshop, tools and lots of scrap wood. Why not build another kayak? The featured image is from the 22nd of September. I’m writing […]

Building another kayak

This time, it’s an East Greenland design. Long, low, narrow. Good for calm waters, easy cruising and weight shift turning. Just what you need, right? It’s about 48cm wide, […]

greenland kayaks

West Greenland kayaks

Both kayaks here are based on a West Greenland Kayak from the early 1900, situated in the Canadian Museum of history. Plans courtesy of Brian Schulz at Capefalcon kayaks. […]

dice and toggles

Deck line toggles

I recently had the opportunity to get fu***d and pay for it. Having searched everywhere around the net for local suppliers, all I found who could deliver what I […]

holms trävaror martin truck

Paddle material

I recently heard about this company called Holms Trä which keeps prime quality Western Red Cedar. Here. In Stockholm. It’s situated at Kungens Kurva but even with map coordinates […]