Qajaq tip of the day

Been having these worn patches gone through the PU and down to the fabric of my favourite, everyday East Greenland kayak’s tips. It is probably a combination of frequent use and the awquard angle I have to rest it in against the ground, to climb a small ladder when I’m putting it up on it’s shelf. At roll practice I empty the qajaq once an hour so a little rubbing might happen there too.

Anyway, either I had to securely screw some material on, which wouldn’t last, or make a “nose” of oak, plastic or anything else that would be the sacrificial tip. The solution was much simpler: I sanded the Polyurethane of the tips a little and then soaked nylon rags in PU and wound them on. To secure the package and control it’s shape, I had some painter’s masking tape to wind around the whole thing. The masking tape will come loose if it’s good qality.

The result may look like I’ve dipped it in caramel (and then sand?) but it seems to hold up well against the rubbing. Maybe next timne I’ll do it with more gusto and less haste but it’s good enough for now, although it looks like the rags of a mummy. Let the zombie apocalypse commence!

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