After work with an AI

Had a virtual AW with my (not AI) buddy. Here’s the transcription from a local LLAMA 8B model running in the background on my computer while we chatted in Swedish and English. ROTFL. This is pure and unadulturated AI poetry.

[Start speaking]
ggml_metal_add_buffer: allocated ‘kv_self_1 ‘ buffer, size = 5.27 MB, ( 295.67 / 10922.67)
And I’m going to show you a little bit about the fact that you’re going to be able to see a little bit of the story.
(speaking in foreign language)
still come up to all 50% sound a leak.
will forget to send to sleep malware or the reverse enter.
And I did an early hologram machine learning.
San Bess is gone. You can run irritated.
Yeah. Macon Repetera, her monger, gonger, some health. Macon Luke Bienum.
But your own process and stay at least for a moment as well, but it’s…
the devil told the data craft. He still forgets the video.
three millimeter cinder, the nickname represents on the leak.

I mean, the Lupigner, Tuzengonner, also the co-
There is a couple of people who have heard of this and she’s told me something a little bit
see our text at this is the Alakhar shelf founder.
That was a good one.
you see your text and then for sure you hear a lot of them.
direct delay or window of the intense volume. So
“Pompaite” from the server.
Oh, oh, the barrel!
I say. The cook will use no. No, you’re less of the hard, cleave it there. You’re less of snob for a…
for a tactic.
speed reading course never femtone. Mm-hmm.
(speaking in foreign language)

I have to know oldener for a factor meaning. – Yeah.
over all the meaningless org.
“Constructs, stare, and meaning, the text of Bon Appetitico.”
take a word. – Except. – So we hear common layers yet.
the snub. They’re gonna, they mess on a leak, the victim is sore.
the victors or be there. Oh you’ve got a burden. Yes. A burden.

keyboard. – Keyboard. (laughs)

It smells enough. (laughs) – Okay, keyboard.
(laughing) It smells enough, yeah.
Yeah, you got more to do.
(laughing) You told her, “Teal the liters found.” (laughing)
just found what’s that oh it’s making poetry now I think
Yes, yes. [LAUGHTER] The haimos, dear.
And most of you can get it in the text. The eucalyptus world stuff.
Yes AI international bestseller.
You can lip this way.
but the real problem is, that thing is going to be genuine.

Yeah. – So, they show you.
the inner inner inner inner inner inner inner. the heart.
Yeah, I was just saying that the text field name was…
and subscribe to my channel.
cash. Some Transcribiras to take some sad
and how to make a decision.
Oh, also that the hiding Maggie for me, y’all.
You’re kind of to say I’m not, I’m not. No, never you’re doing here.
facial recognition grant we order VP login for a point build.
So we had a different vernal vernal vernan gammel sense gober. Go ahead to Catman.
We talked in some building. Yeah. Some of the kind of art do whether you’re right.
I’m the only one who’s in the building. Look, the Amazon has something to get in the face with.
facial recognition and cobbler dealing, so. You said.
Keep it in that to do. Don’t build this away, I’ll send you a leg in, you wordpress.
Amazon called it but didn’t be a lot that they ever do for a log in.
And the problem with the hair plugin was the clark at…
Can’t you pour a little ham seed in wordpress de fengir when I’m done?
And I’m doing Venn to the tape for Swedenbeck.
other bliette, the photo here, bots and comin’ boa.
a quick gazillion build, more than your system.
I’m Helethedem for sure to toss in.
and their butts can be noted for a store of man, even if it were an end of the end.
in in order how to hundred twos and come down a hundred twos and been
in the building of the Yannenfar will send them home.
(speaking in foreign language)
for a little bit.
A.I. for exploitation.
going to have our for Mickey bear anything.
And they say, “Ponlithin’ Hamseetin’ and Bonilla. They see it, they see it, they’re cola.”
Yes, it’s a Maria Star, you’re in logit.
Yeah. Men so say, “Nah nah nah nah.” And both quick it uh…

I’m gonna get an all the L sortie hello world.
I’m not going to do this again.
I guess I have to turn the wall. So the defense folks in New York near plug.
plugin, send 4car for interacting from Amazon or Google.
for the AI Shanson some of the time and it would be
be tall at three two’s and a dollar for a moment.
So they were into the Nodiett-Stang system.
deep a comb in poet and port. Do it as thanked.
to integrate here. We’re not out on the internet. I’ll look on a…
and for sure, I’ll go again. I’ll be the four-legged deer.
Oh, man, they’ll say, “Yeah, I don’t know.”
then contact personal guests.
I think the point is obvious now.
What the fuck? Why am I still getting these cackas where I have to press 5?
five pictures with a picture of a bridge.
it traffic as a Google’s that so full follow but roughly yeah going to be a lot of
My, my, my, all E hacker program can read.
read that it said I have to click on the bridges and it can recognize the bridges and the pictures.
pictures. So it does not
nothing. It’s completely meaningless. It is totally useless.
Yeah See nothing a better poor
or Angus can, or Procter Angus can.
-Yes. -Angus can. The Proctor Angus can.
Well, so much for that theory. Yeah. Well, no problem.

(speaks in foreign language) – Look at the…

Oh my phobisc. Hey, Proctor!
Dr. Angus. (laughs)
Oh yeah, oh my phobisc hay proctor.
Dr. Angus laughs.
How you usually swells to the… (laughs)
Where is this thing going? I don’t know.
your the we just more often the we don’t have to.
You don’t have to epic it to be a disease.
The insatAllah is saying I am not sure if I would go to the U.S..
Then I’d rather have a 3%!
Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!
That’s one last one.
Be bustin’ my heart, havin’ on my… …yannin’ for all things. – Bye.
I’ll be in the heart of the world right now. I’m going to speak a little bit more.
(DK) 안녕는� girl!!!

Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you.
I have those on my text.
correction all the time. I got to go to the bathroom.

Bye bye. – Hey, Wren, talk. Clearly hell.
(keyboard clicking)

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