Sewing machine for neoprene

I know you want one, everybody wants one 🙂 Or maybe not. This one is my new pet imported from China. Why? Well, I tried to order a few Tuiliks from Brooks but they wouldn’t answer my emails and have possibly moved on, quit making them or gone out of business! Their site has been broken a long time now. If you know something, do tell!

So, again, I decided to make my own, because why not?

Well, back to The Machine: Two out of three package boxes had holes in them. The container bags inside, holding screws for assembly and what not, also had holes in them. We’re already in for some good fun but lo and behold, there was absolutely no assembly instruction, just one (1!) fuzzy image of another model assmbled. Oh well, you just have to wing it and try your best bag of tricks. The first images are of my first encounter with this package. The result is further down below.

Here I had to leave and have my beauty sleep (skönhetssömn or r&r), a weird Swedish expression.

The next morning I started mounting the sewing machine parts after Johan, whom I helped build a kayak and I went to Ze Germans (Bauhaus), shopping for wood.

So, isn’t it bad when things arrive in a poor state? Look at the plastic drawer for the sewing table. Interestingly, the machine was threaded. Like it’s really easy to assemble all these weird parts you’ve never seen, there’s no manual and you have to drill holes through the table, but you wouldn’t be able to thread the damn thing?

So after I screwed in most screws I had about half a kilo of stuff left over. Among them some screws and bushings, which is always a bad sign…I decided nevertheless it was time to check if everything worked, because who reads manuals anyways?

As it turned out, I pushed the pedal the wrong way, lol! Everything worked as planned but unfortunately I didn’t film it. As soon as I know where to put it there will be some sewing done!

Quick update: I got a place to stuff the machine. The boat club’s sail making shop. Not a bad place!

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