Which Polyurethane for my kayak?

For coating your kayak there are a number of products you can use, but only a few of them make sense putting on your beautiful kayak. This is an investment you should protect, right?

There is bad poisenous stuff and good poisenous stuff, and others I haven’t tried, which are 3x the price and not good for your health. They take a week to put on and you WILL need a mask and no other work can be done in your workshop until the fumes settle. That might take more than 12h. Not joking here!

Then there is the good stuff, which takes ages to get and is an unreliable service, to say the least. I have ordered three times from there and waited a total of 5 months…the colors I ordered the first time never arrived. No excuse, no refund. BTW, you absolutely need a minimum of 1,5 orders, then pay for shipping and 25% VAT/MOMS in Sweden. In total, it doesn’t come cheap. However, the end result is achieved in 2 days and is durable. The caveat is that it goes yellowish with UV after a summer. For my earth toned kayaks, I kind of like it. It will not suit all tastes and colors though.

Then there is the really good stuff, which one unfortunately has to buy in big batches. I have done so and am willing to ship whatever amount you need across Europe within a few business days. It is less prone to UV-aging/discoloring and in most aspects is like the Skinboats stuff to work with. Same potlife, same wet-on-wet thick application, very little fumes etc. Why do I not share the link? When buying large batches there is always some left over after the “best before” date and someone gets stuck with the bill. However, I will deliver an excellent product with a competitive price. It is easy to apply and is fairly non-toxic. Contact me!


Results of bad, poisenous PU below. Not what you want on your brand new baby. And no, I haven’t oiled the stringer too much.