Sign of the times

Always a nice feeling when you spot the first signs of the Spring. Just putting this image here for future reference. It was taken March 28 or 2022-03-28.

Qajaq table saw

It finally arrived. The long longed for table saw arrived and should be easy to set up, was it not for the lack of bushings in the package and […]

The ways are many

Next up is making a paddle. You need clamps again ­čÖé There are as many ways to laminate a paddle as there are paddle makers! Here is one way […]

Easter Woodwork

Someone supposedly cobbled together a few planks 2000 years ago to nail a dude to them. If you think that’s grim, what about a part of humanity, quite logically, […]

Coaming lip evening

Some of us met up on a nice Tuesday evening two days after having started the build. Our main objective was to make a second coaming and a coaming […]

The Pl├ątsk├ąp

Although theft is uncommon at the boat club, tools tend to be spread a little thinner among members over time. Solution? I thought a lockable tin can, or sheet […]

Coaming day

A big (Sun)day for everyone and the first proper sunny weather we’ve had for a week. Everyone was stoked and possibly a bit confused as to what to do […]

Ripping Oak and Ash

One almost feels bad chopping up beautiful fresh boards into tiny ribs and what not, but just almost. When ripping the slightly thicker, 8 mm Oak for coamings, it […]