dice and toggles

Deck line toggles

I recently had the opportunity to get fu***d and pay for it. Having searched everywhere around the net for local suppliers, all I found who could deliver what I […]

All you need is a Norsaq

Ever wondered what that wooden thingy is on top of a rolling nerd’s kayak? It’s a throwing stick used since the stone age to throw sticks, like harpoons, further. […]

Whiskey sticks

Or as we say in Swedish: whiskypinne 🙂 I wanted to find out what all the hype about maturing alcohol rapidly is all about, so today I started my […]

holms trävaror martin truck

Paddle material

I recently heard about this company called Holms Trä which keeps prime quality Western Red Cedar. Here. In Stockholm. It’s situated at Kungens Kurva but even with map coordinates […]

Never stop

Well, why should you? I couldn’t help myself but took the sewing to the next level (not that it is so hard) and made myself a suit for representation 🙂