First meet and measure up

Forgot to write this post before, but this day, finally, we got to stop just talking but actually get to do something. With miserable weather and all ordered goods for building just on the way, we decided to make a balance board to check leg lengths and COG, Center Of Gravity when seated in a kayak. This is for having a ballpark figure to move around gunwhale mortises for a comfortable seating position and generally fine tune the build before it even starts. That’s what making your own kayak is all about; make it your own and make it fit you!

Only Julijana’s images here. I was busy getting my head bashed with a paddle! And yeah, that’s a joke but I can’t put nauseating smileys everywhere…

After Measuring Day, Martina, Julijana and I had a small paddle for them to test my SOF kayaks, where there was just a little ice breaking to be done. The ice was still about 15cm thick and not penetrable straight across. Great fun though!

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