Displaying a skin on frame kayak frame

Last weekend I went to the Läckö Kayak Festival at Läckö Castle, lake Vänern. Didn’t use the phone much so this image taken the first night is all I have. The festival was great fun though and I would definitely like to go there the next year too. The weather was either steaming hot, pouring rain or quite windy but I don’t think anyone ever called it bad!

The idea was to sew on the skin “in public” but the day it was scheduled it was too windy. The gusts blew the frame off my work stands several times before I anchored the stands with strings and tent poles and the frame with cam straps. After that my sewing was so bad in the wind, I decided to cut the cloth shorter and try again another day. Anyway, there were a lot of people willing to discuss SOF and other kayak building. Some were quite keen to get started on that route very soon and we shared contact and SoMe info.

Such a concentration of dedicated paddlers, opinions and input are rare to get in such short time. I had the great honor to meet Mr Björn Thomasson, one of the world’s most prominent kayak designers and discuss many aspects of kayak paddling, building, materials and what not. Maybe next time I should do an interview?

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