Finishing the LPB Flat Deck frame

So, for the last touch-ups I needed to install the deck stringers and the secondary stringer on the outside of the gunwhale (more on that further down, haha). On the previous day, the deck stringer halves were laminated together. They are crazy strong in spite of their small dimensions. Laminated Ash rocks! Long ago in the build I added an extra curved deck beam because I had it laying around and it can’t hurt when rescuing a fully loaded sea kayak.

The Paulownia is lighter than red Cedar so this kayak can take the weight punishment of this extra beam, I would think. The main difference compared to WRC would be Paulownia is more porous and has a more Balsawood-like feel. Structurally you have to add close to 20% in thickness for all Paulownia beams. Well, I added 10% because it doesn’t feel as brittle and who doesn’t like a light kayak?

Well, when I thought all was finished for skinning, I suddenly realized I had put the secondary stringer on wrong. It should have been glued to the lower side of the gunwhale! After sulking for about three minutes (or more) I planed them down with an electric planer, cut planed and glued new ones. Oiled them too, so in order to wait for the oil to dry, the build was delayed another day. Oh well.

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