Flat deck LPB frame

This is how it could look like, that time when you first get to sit inside you kayak-to-be. A camping kayak with one happy camper inside 🙂 Since I […]

Bending more ribs

Niall had a go at bending the ribs today and after yesterday’s misfortune with dry Oak, today went quite well. So, it’s normal to come back in a day […]

The Kayak Factory Tour

First off is Stefan bevelling his stringers. You need about 80cm of bevel facing inward on the kayak. Ask for an explanation if you haven’t made it before! Our […]

Mortise and tenon joinery

Today Rickard was introduced to the plunge router, had a few practice runs with Niall as supervisor and started making really precise rib mortices. I absolutely love the fact […]

Bits n’ bobs

Stefan upgrading his social profile to “Boatbuilder” and Niall doing burpees of happiness… or something 🙂 The satisfying feeling of chopping dowels! You need at least two each in […]

Moving out

Today the rain got frustrating so Clara, Stefan and I moved out to our new hangout. They both got some action with the plunge router and Clara is even […]