Bending more ribs

Niall had a go at bending the ribs today and after yesterday’s misfortune with dry Oak, today went quite well.

So, it’s normal to come back in a day or so and realise you need to resteam or glue a couple of ribs. We shall see how it turns out.

Below is a successful steaming and rib bending by Niall but the camera man has got some serious Standing Video Syndrome issues. This is 2022 and everyone’s grandma has a SoMe account. Shouldn’t videos have some low IQ AI to fix the aspect ratios and SVS?

Anyways, the East Greenland has mostly round or squarish ribs, look at Greg’s in this clip. They are nothing like the V-shaped first few ribs on The Beast below.

The three first ribs are cracked and glued. Nothing to worry about, modern glue is stronger than the beer in Flandern!

The first 4-5 attempts bending the foremost ribs were with Ash and it simply wouldn’t bend to my liking before it broke completely. The Oak, however cracked in the V’s but didn’t completely break.

Alhough it might hurt the steam bending ego a bit, next time I will make small cuts on the inside of the V and steambend just a 3mm thick stick that way. After it has dried I would just fill the saw grooves with glue and tape them.

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