The bucketlist of 2024?

I asked my “Travel Magic Mentor” GPT thinginabob I’m experimenting with about the coolest bars around the world. Here’s some inspiration drawn from various sources. Wanna come? Been to any of them?

Result by ChatGPT. I am in no way affiliated bla blah, but might buy a beer or two there sometime.

  1. Mariposa Negra, Barcelona
    • Atmosphere: This artistic haven is more than just a bar; it’s a mixologist’s canvas where every cocktail is a masterpiece. Picture a chic, intimate space brimming with custom ceramic glassware, each piece a work of art enhancing the drinking experience.
    • Signature Drink: Start with the namesake Gimlet, a refreshing concoction with a homemade cordial​​.
  2. Milky Way, Montreal
    • Vibe: Imagine stepping into a cosmic dreamscape, where a jungle terrarium skylight meets vaporwave aesthetics. It’s an otherworldly experience, complete with cocktails that boast ingredients like champagne reduction and toasted sesame oil.
    • Must-Try: Their extraordinary drink selection, coupled with homemade pizzas and pastas, makes for a grounding culinary journey​​.
  3. The House of Machines, Cape Town
    • Setting: A blend of luxury and ruggedness, this bar boasts serious biker vibes. With a wide, metal-topped bar and unpretentious stools, it’s the epitome of coolness in the heart of Cape Town.
    • Unique Aspect: The staff, especially head bartender Charné van Heerden, adds a personal touch, making it feel like a second home​​.
  4. La Noxe, New York City
    • Entrance: Hidden in plain sight in a subway station, this speakeasy is a quintessential New York gem. Ring a discreet buzzer and descend into a sumptuous underworld for a cocktail experience like no other.
    • Cocktail to Try: The Kiss & Tell, a gin-based delight, or the tequila-infused Continental​​.
  5. Double Chicken Please, New York City
    • Concept: A tale of two worlds, this speakeasy offers an upscale homage to soda shops at the front and a luxurious cocktail haven at the back. It’s a dichotomy of casual charm and refined elegance.
    • Highlight: Asian-inspired cocktails from antique brass taps and decadent bar snacks in a setting that’s a respite from the city’s hustle​​.
  6. Handshake Speakeasy, Mexico City
    • Ambiance: A hidden gem that rewards the persistent, this bar is a blend of elegance and mystery. With marble and brass accents, it’s a nod to mid-century aesthetics.
    • Signature Cocktail: The Matcha Yuzu highball, a testament to the bar director Eric van Beek’s creativity​​.

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