Carbon greenland paddle?

The other night I had the peculiar feeling of one paddle becoming two under water. It had become pretty dark so I couldn’t see anything upside down in the murky Lake Mälaren, so I used one paddle half as a long Norsaq to roll up again. I think the paddle broke because of heavy use, not the actual roll I performed, since I don’t recollect using any force at the moment.

Since it was probably similar to the Shotgun roll, would this be The Pistol Roll? 🙂

So, if the paddle cost me €220 and it’s been used for roughly 150 days in one year, it cost me close to €1,50 per use. If I look around some, I could probably find good wood for a paddle equivalent to two days use (ok, maybe a week’s use), and I get better at paddle making!

Now I’m looking forward to make a couple of paddles, but until then I’ll only use a storm paddle for good practice.

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