Never stop

Well, why should you? I couldn’t help myself but took the sewing to the next level (not that it is so hard) and made myself a suit for representation 🙂 Now, I’ve bought a better sewing machine and some more material, so there’s no stopping here.

The usage of nylon in all sports and especially camping has always bugged me. Countless times I’ve been too close to a fire, melting the cuff of my jacket, or got caught on thorns, branches and the likes and suddenly have a leaky jacket or dry suit that cost megabucks end up being useless.

Not so any more with my pre-impregnated and waxed cotton! It can hang over a fire to dry if you wish. Run through barbed wire? Well, maybe avoid just that, but thorns won’t do much! This version hasn’t got latex cuffs/seals but I am gluing them to the Tuiliq soon. Will let you know how it goes. Did I mention these do not stink even if you forget them in the bag overnight?