Tuiliq qajaq jacket


We pull on this jacket whenever the weather gets nasty (and keep it on all winter). The hat is optional. With a jacket like this one, there is no need to change when coming ashore. It is water tight enough to not get wet but breathes better than any waterproof modern materials.

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The jacket is semi-breathable and you don’t need to change your outer layer when you come ashore, unlike most drysuits. However, it is not made for rolling practice, just the occasional roll.
The fact that it doesn’t smell like something marked their territory after extended use, like most kayaking-specific jackets made out of neo/nylon do, is appealing. It is also very durable against sharp rocks, shells or thorns, come what may on adventures at sea or land.
The jacket can be made for you in various colors, sizes and materials, upon request. The usual variant is made out of “military cotton”, waxed, oiled and water repellant. You can also choose trousers, either Farmer-Johns or rolled together with the jacket, for a semi dry immersion suit.

Now, bear in mind this is by no means a drysuit but an old-school looking super durable touring jacket. If you want to travel minimalistic and only bring one jacket, this is it.