The Trolling Machine

Well. On Christmas Eve I just had to start a new build and it took until today to try it out. Kind of a new record. You may call me Mr Slowly too.

Went and bought another oak plank.

Stems, steambending, keel and stringers.

Starting to look like a kayak.

Sewing the “skin”.

Just a quick coaming while sewing…

The coating disaster.

More layers and then waitawhile. It took a layer at least 3 days to settle and one week to become non-sticky.

And then finally… a qajaq which took me exactly 3 months to finish. It weighs 11kg, is 51cm wide and 503cm long. Will post more info and vids when I have it.

This would-be rolling machine actually paddles really well! It’s quite stable, has great secondary stability and has almost no wind-cocking tendencies. If my East Greenland kayak is a 2+ in stability (and I use it as my everyday-kayak), this one is a 3+ or more if your weight is less than 80 kg.

However, you will have a hard time fitting anything larger than a small drinking bottle and a pair of gloves in it, let alone myself. For the first paddle I had to take my shoes off to fit inside!

I’m ok with 11,1 kg or just over 24 lbs for a kayak which rolls, tracks and steers well. To top it off it’s probably the most stable kayak I’ve built. Packing one’s daypack is an issue though 🙂 Another issue with it is that it’s quite a lot harder to do forward finishing rolls without a paddle. Hmmm, maybe I need to build another one? It is 51cm wide and 503cm tall.

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